part of super multi upload by wehttam0123

Laser reflection (laser courses) uploads use the ability of lasers to reflect from mirrors which are built with metal. Uploaders can create intricate paths for laser beam - many small mirrors made of metal walls and thin tunnels. The most common way to start these, and are usually already added by the uploader, is to have a player with the laser attribute inside a block box with one block erased from it.


Japanese vs. English Uploads

It seems that while people on the English side of the website stuck to making games where a piece of clone fires lasers at a metal-sided room to kill a player, the Japanese uploaders have taken advantage of the upload and already it is recorded that multiple intricate laser reflections have been made by them, some taking at least 5 to 10 minutes on normal speed to complete a circuit, creating many ways to move a laser in odd ways, such as a small chamber that allows laser to curve for a 90 degree turn instead of a flat piece of metal in the way. While little time has been made on the English side to construct a good laser reflection upload, it seems that much more has been made much sooner on the side most of the Powder Game community tend to keep away from.

Recorded December 3, 5 days after Element: Laser has been uploaded
Since then, numerous laser reflections paths have been created by the English Powder Game community.

Examples of Japanese uploads:

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