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A last upload is an upload type created by Powder Game or Powder Game 2 players who are planning to leave the game. This upload is generally intended to be final and a goodbye to all other players that view the upload or are fans of the uploader in question. These uploads come in very small numbers, compared to first uploads. Many people commonly try to gain votes by attempting to lead others to believe that they would leave the game unless a conditional vote amount was reached. The amount of votes asked for is often too large to be obtained, showing that the creator never truly intended to stay and only wanted a large amount of votes before leaving. This leads to some new and inexperianced uploaders attempting to use this "Last Upload" trick as their first upload. When this is done, it is often referred to as a vote scam. Some users will even attempt to create a last upload to simply gain a large amount of votes, only to return soon after, sometimes even creating a second last upload.

Last uploads rarely require very much quality to receive a large amounts of votes.

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