The level statistic.

Level (abbreviated to LVL or LV) is a statistic in Stick Ranger, and is determined by the value of the total EXP - the more EXP one has, the higher one's level will be.

When a player has gained enough EXP to gain a level, the player is said to have "leveled up". At this point, the player gains 2 SP for each character. Thus, level is often used as an indicator of a group's strength, because a player with a high level will have characters with more SP, as well as having spent more time exploring and finding better items.

Facts related to level

  • The highest level (level cap) a player can reach is always 10 levels above the enemy with the highest LV in the stages unlocked. For example, after completing the Opening Street, the highest LV is 18, which is 10 LV above the Green Boss Skull Snake, the enemy with the highest LV in Grassland 1 and Opening Street. However, no matter the LV of the highest LV enemy available, there is a hard cap of LV 99 on players. See article EXP for details.
  • For every enemy, there is an optimal level at which the player will gain the maximum amount of EXP possible from killing that enemy. This is commonly referred to as "enemy level".
  • The difficulty of leveling up gradually increases: each level requires 1000 EXP more than the previous.
  • The easiest way to get to the maximum level (without hacking) is to use 4 Iron Medal 7s.