Powder Game Liquids


Liquid is a state of matter in Powder Game. Liquids simulate how liquids in reality flows and spreads out. All liquids are affected by gravity, wind, air, and drag. All liquids can also be moved in a predictable fashion by pump. Liquids can float above other liquids of greater density, and float on powders as well.

Liquid elements

  • Water - Water is the very first liquid element released in Powder Game; it was released in ver1.1. Water simulates water in real life. In Powder Game, water is a blue colour.
  • Oil - Oil is the second liquid element released; it was released in ver2.6. Oil is a dark reddish brown flammable liquid element. It is a very light liquid, and it floats on top of all other liquids.
  • Magma - Magma is the third liquid element released; it was released in ver3.1. Magma is a reddish-orange lighter element.
  • Nitro - Nitro is the fourth liquid element released; it was released in ver3.7. Nitro is a dark-green explosive element.
  • Soapy - Soapy is the fifth liquid element released; it was released in ver4.6. Soapy is a greyish-white element.
  • Acid - Acid is the sixth liquid element released; it was released in ver5.7. Acid is a greenish-yellow element.
  • Salt water - Salt water is the seventh liquid element released. Salt Water was released in ver6.1. It is an artificial light blue colored element.
  • Mercury - Mercury is the eighth liquid element released; it was released in ver7.1. Mercury is a silver colored element.

How liquids work

When created, a dot of liquid will fall due to gravity unless there is wind, air, or something below it. Each individual dot of liquid will randomly move left, right, or stay in place every frame to simulate liquid in real life. Liquids are affected by gravity, wind, drag, and air, unlike solids.

Differences from liquids in reality

  • In a U-shaped tube, pouring liquid down one side of the U will cause the liquid to ONLY fill up that side.
  • Liquids will not balance in level if different amounts are poured into a U-shaped tube.

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