LogiBox Screenshot

Logi Box in action.

Logi Box is an puzzle game created by ha55ii. It is the 26th game created on Dan-Ball, released on 27 October 2017.


This is essentially the puzzle game Nonogram. Players attempt to fill in a grid of squares with paint under hints provided at the sides to reveal a pattern. A puzzle is consider solved once the player has filled in all the squares that satisfies all the hints provided at the sides. Detailed rules of the puzzle game can be referred to in Wikipedia's Nonogram article.


Clicking on a square will modify the square based on the currently selected input:

  • Pen fills in the square with solid black. Squares filled with pen should be part of the pattern. Shortcut key: Z or 1.
  • Cross puts an X into the square. This can be used to mark squares that are NOT part of the pattern. Shortcut key: X or 2.
  • Mark puts a small black dot into the square. This is useful for trial-and-error. Since ver2.0 an X variant is available. Shortcut key: V or 4 for dot mark, B or 5 for X mark.
  • Erase removes anything that is filled in the square. Shortcut key: C or 3.
  • M Clear (Mark Clear) removes all marks from the grid, both dot marks and X marks.
  • Dragging allows players to fill in all squares along a straight line of arbitary length.

Since ver2.2 players can choose 2 different inputs simultaneously with left click (highlighted in red) and right click (highlighted in blue).

Undo and redo are available. Players can undo/redo as many moves they have done on the puzzle, until they do new steps after undo (which overwrites previous moves) or they click on "Retry" (which resets the undo/redo along with the puzzle).


There are currently 9 puzzles available. Their solutions can be found at Logi Box Puzzle Solutions.

Puzzle Name Size Difficulty Version implemented
Kusamochi 12×7 Easy ver 1.0
Sword 10×10 Easy ver 1.0
Stickman[1] 15×20 Normal ver 1.0
Gun 10×8 Easy ver 1.1
Magnum 22×13 Easy ver 1.1
Logo 25×25 Normal ver 1.5
Diamond 10×10 Easy ver 1.6
Kintsuba 19×10 Normal ver 1.6
Whip 10×10 Hard ver 1.6
  1. Before ver1.6 the Stickman puzzle was a Hard puzzle with size 20×20, which resembles the Boxer from Stick Ranger.

Edit Mode

LB SizeControl

The size control option. The Y+1/Y-1 buttons add/remove rows at the top/bottom of the puzzle, while the X+1/X-1 buttons add/removes columns at the left/right of the puzzle.

In edit mode, players can create puzzles by themselves. The puzzle can be drawn by clicking/dragging across the interface. After drawing the puzzle it can be played by pressing the PLAY button. Edit mode supports 3 default sizes, namely 10×10, 15×15, and 20×20.

The Check button was added in ver1.3 which allows players to check their puzzles before playing to ensure they have unique answers.

Since ver1.5 where puzzles are given difficulty ratings, any puzzle created in edit mode also obtains a difficulty rating once they are checked to be solvable.

In ver1.7, the Size option was introduced which allows puzzle sized to be changed from the default sizes. There are 8 buttons, which adds or removes a row/column at the 4 sides of the puzzle, down to a minimum length of 4 squares and up to a maximum length of 25 squares.


Since ver1.8, puzzles in edit mode can be uploaded once checked. The system works similarly to the Upload system in Powder Game and Powder Game 2; Players can select uploaded puzzles to play and cast votes/delete requests on each puzzle.


A ranking mode is available since ver2.5, which allows registered users to compete in 4 categories: Total number of votes on their uploaded puzzles, and number of uploaded Easy, Normal, or Hard puzzles that the players have solved.


Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
2.6 23/03/2018 LB ver2.6 Bug fix (Scrolling while playing the game on smartphones). jp/en
2.5 09/03/2018 LB ver2.5 Ranking Mode addition. jp/en
2.4 09/02/2018 LB ver2.4 Shortcut Keys addition. jp/en
2.3 02/02/2018 LB ver2.3 Undo/redo addition. jp/en
2.2 26/01/2018 LB ver2.2 Right-click support. jp/en
2.1 19/01/2018 LB ver2.1 Mark Clear addition. jp/en
2.0 12/01/2018 LB ver2.0 X marks addition. Redesigned pen and cross marks. Bug fix. jp/en
1.9 29/12/2017 LB ver1.9 Uploaded puzzles now shows and can be sorted by cleared player count. Uploaded puzzles can now be filtered based on clear status. jp/en
1.8 22/12/2017 LB ver1.8 Edit Mode Upload function addition. jp/en
1.7 15/12/2017 LB ver1.7 Edit Mode Size button addition. jp/en
1.6 08/12/2017 LB ver1.6 Puzzle addition (Diamond, Kintsuba, Whip). Stickman puzzle changed. jp/en
1.5 01/12/2017 LB ver1.5 Puzzle addition (Logo). Puzzles now show a difficulty rating. jp/en
1.4 24/11/2017 LB ver1.4 Algorithm improvement for Check. jp/en
1.3 17/11/2017 LB ver1.3 Edit Mode Check button addition. jp/en
1.2 10/11/2017 LB ver1.2 Edit Mode addition. jp/en
1.1 03/11/2017 LB ver1.1 Puzzle addition (Gun, Magnum). Solved puzzles now show both the image and its name. Unsolved puzzles no longer show the name of the image. Display changes for hint numbers. jp/en
1.0 27/10/2017 LB ver1.0 Game creation. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.