When all the players move away from a flying enemy, the enemy becomes lower in elevation as it approaches the characters.

The lure strategy is a strategy in Stick Ranger. Its goal is to move an enemy to a different place, giving a player an advantage for fighting it.

Lure airborne enemies to the ground

When a flying enemy is too high for the characters to reach, the characters can all move away from the enemy. They should be kept a little bit outside of the enemy's range but not too far away. This causes the enemy to swoop down to attack the characters, thus making it possible for melee characters (such as Boxers, Whippers and Gladiators) to reach the enemy and cause its defeat to be more swift.

Lure one enemy away from a large group

Some enemies can be easily defeated if attacking only one or a few of them. But if trying to attack a large group of them at once, they can be very dangerous. However luring single enemies away from the group and defeat them one after the other is also a good way. Keeping the characters at a safe distance to the enemy group. The player should move one character slowly towards the group, until thinking one of the enemies gets attracted. The player should make sure to attract only one or two enemies and not the whole group. The player should also try to keep exactly this distance to the enemy and move his/her character(s) backwards to the other character(s) as the enemy approaches. Repeat until the group is small enough to be defeated with ease.

Typical examples for enemies where this strategy is used are the Green Boss Skull Snake in Grassland 1 or the Blue Boss Fairy Snake in Grassland 4. It may also be used for the Fishes in Lake as those can be dangerous because of their large number.

Lure an enemy down from a higher platform

Lure down

A party of priests is using the lure strategy to lure a Green Big Smiley Snake on a mid-air platform down to the ground. Then they use this platform as a safe place to attack the enemy.

In stages with a rough landscape like for example the Hill Country or Cavern series, it can be beneficial to lure enemies down from higher platforms. By doing this one can create a safe place for characters, which allows ranged characters to attack without getting harmed.

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