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A machine or technology upload in Powder Game contains some working mechanism, for example, a TV or an engine with pistons. Machines also include long chain reactions similar to a Rube Goldberg machine, usually triggered on its own by setting a box on fire, a nitro button, etc.

The machine was a very large advance for Powder Game. Many machines have complex pieces, triggers, or some other vital components. The most popular machines are guns, bombs, chain reactions, and drink machines.

There are also other machines, such as the teleport machine, which uses a secret message to make it look like something has teleported to another place on the screen, or the use of the position switch glitch of players.

Many technology uploads use metal and thunder to form circuits. By using glass, mercury and fuse, it is also possible to make logic gates as well as programming certain rules directly into an upload. A great example of this is tic-tac-toe (with artificial intelligence) uploads. It is also possible to make "random gates" where a certain output is generated randomly each time which enables chance machines (such as rock paper scissors , Black Jack , and Slot Machines ).

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