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"Mage", an unofficial alternative name for Magician, redirects here. for its Monster Box counterpart, see Magician (Monster Box)

Magician is the fourth class in Stick Ranger. Magicians use orbs to attack, which have a slow attack speed, but tend to deal more intensive magical effects without using MP. The magician is capable of dealing very high damage to single enemies with orbs such as Ice Meteor and Big Thunder, as well as dealing damage to large groups with orbs like Blizzard and Lava.


Stat effect per SP invested LP

No effect

+ 8


Range + 2

+ 2


Min and max AGI - 1 (lowest 50-60)

+ 2


Min AT +1/4, max AT +1/3

+ 2


The Magician uses:

Magic (orb) Magic Explosion (orb) Explosion Ice (orb) Ice
Fire (orb) Fire Thunder (orb) Thunder Freeze (orb) Freeze
Blizzard (orb) Blizzard Volcano (orb) Volcano Thunder Storm (orb) Thunder Storm
Delta Explosion (orb) Delta Explosion Icicle (orb) Icicle Fire Rise (orb) Fire Rise
Big Thunder (orb) Big Thunder Big Icicle (orb) Big Icicle Ice Meteor (orb) Ice Meteor
Super Volcano (orb) Super Volcano Thunder spear 4 Thunder Spear Time Explosion Time Explosion
Atomic Ray (orb) Atomic Ray Ice Spike Ice Spike Inferno (orb) Inferno
Electric Shock (orb) Electric Shock Freeze Explosion (orb) Freeze Explosion Ice Orb (orb) Ice Orb
Lava (orb) Lava Thunder Orb (orb) Thunder Orb Spread Explosion Spread Explosion
Ice Bolt Ice Bolt Hell Fire (orb) Hell Fire Lightning (orb) Lightning
Permafrost (orb) Permafrost Ice Missile (orb) Ice Missile Pyroclastic Flow (orb) Pyroclastic Flow
Thunderbolt (orb) Thunderbolt

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