~0.85 px/frame
One of the lighter elements.
Special properties
Both horizontally and vertically.

Magma is a liquid element in Powder Game. It is one of the six lighter elements (the other five being fire, torch, laser, spark, and thunder). Magma is also the hottest element in the game (in BG-TG, the colors can reach white). It is also the heaviest element, along with mercury.

Reactions with elements

  • Magma burns flammable elements.
  • Magma detonates explosive elements.
  • It turns stone, glass, metal, and mercury into more magma.
  • Magma melts ice.
  • It is melted by acid in a 1:2 ratio.
  • The reaction of magma with water and soapy can create steam and stone.
  • The reaction of magma with seawater can create salt and stone.
  • The difference between magma and acid is that acid melts an element but does not burn it, like magma does.

Reaction with objects

  • It kills players and fighters.
  • It destroys boxes and burns powder, gas, gunpowder, and oil balls.
  • It turns wheels.
  • It turns water ball into water and salt ball into salt.
  • After one bounce, it turns ice ball into water ball and seawater ball into salt ball.
  • It disintegrates salt and water ball.
  • It makes an explosion when a nitro ball touches it.