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The Sniper Class is one of the arguably weaker individual classes in Stick Ranger, characterised for having low DPS and high range. Being normally recognised as providing long-ranged poison/fire support for melee characters, a team of 4 Snipers seems absurd... or is it really?

This is simply a guide for advanced players who want a challenge, but at the same time, create one of the potentially strongest PvP teams out there. Details will not be too thorough - if you are reading this guide then you should have a thorough knowledge on how Stick Ranger works.

I must also add that this guide is my opinion on how I believe it is best to completing Stick Ranger. As such, I will detail what I believe to be the "ideal" route to reaching the end ("ideal", meaning beating the game with as low a level as possible). In essence, it is a recounting of how I beat the game, with some slight tweaks.

Character Builds

I believe that the interesting thing about this team is that eventually (approaching Hell series), you want to have 4 (near) identical snipers to maximise versatility, as any member on your team will be able to use any weapon in your Inventory. Different combinations of weapons (and indeed, differnt order) will lead to very different strategies, results, and effectiveness.

I believe that in the initial stages, some branching of stats is required. I highly recommend a pair of Physical Snipers, and a pair of Magic Snipers. Below is a table for a general idea on SP investment:

Level Snipers 1 & 2 Snipers 3 & 4 Suggested Equipment Comments (Completed)
1 - 11 0 0 Double Arrow

Triple Shot

Poison Arrow

Fire Arrow

Opening Street


Hill Country


11 - 21 20 STR 8 STR, 12 MAG

Quad Arrow

Quint Shot

Fire Arrow

Double Posion



Seaside 1

21 - 31 40 STR 10 STR, 30 MAG

Quad Iron Arrow

Quint Shot

Triple Poison

Poison Shot

Double Fire



Mist Grove


31 - 41 40 STR, 20 MAG 20 STR, 40 MAG

Quad Steel Arrow

Sept Shot

Quint Poison

Pyramid Arrow

Flame Arrow

Mountain 2

Snowfield 7*, 8*

Forest 3

Hell 1

41 - 51 40 STR, 40 MAG

Quad Steel Arrow

Nonuple Shot

Quint Poison

Pyramid Arrow

Double Flame

Indra Arrow





51+ 60+ STR, 40 MAG Future Weapons WIP

Future Stages

1. Series with numbers after them mean "up to that stage". ie. Mountain 2 = Mountain 1 & 2 completed but not Mountaintop.

2. ^Numbers with astericks (*) mean "with the exception of". ie. Snowfield 7*, 8* means all Snowfield stages completed with the exception of 7 & 8.

3. ^^Yes, this means that you can beat Ice Castle Boss before you hit Level 40 without excessive reviving. This just goes to show the potential of this build.

Common Battle "Formations":

Here are a couple of effective team formations that should be used commonly. They will not be listed in any particular order, and will be listed in the "ideal state". This means that initially, lower-level tiered bows should be used in place of suggested highest tiers (ie. Quad Arrow in place of the suggested Quad Steel Arrow). These formations shall be referenced. in the Game Progression guide below,

The letter will denote the general team strategy, while the number after it determines minute variations in weapon arrangement.

Formation A1 (Average Team DPS ~ 6800):

  • Sniper 1 - 4: Quad Steel Arrow (Bullet Card 5, Quick Card 5) DPS: 1714.29

This formation capitalises on bombarding enemies with a torrent of arrows. Great for general utility and stable physical damage (capable of getting rid of most Snowfield Bosses in like 5-10 seconds).

Formation A2 (Average Team MAX DPS ~ 12000):

  • Sniper 1 - 4: Double Flame Arrow (Bullet Card 5, Ruby 6) MAX DPS: ~ 3000

This formation capitalises on surrounding enemies in fire. Great for dealing with grouped enemies, where the fire can damage all enemies (there is splash damage, unlike A1). Damage takes time to reach a maximum (achieved in 2 seconds), so initially, there is slightly lower damage output. It deals extremely stable fire damage (capable of getting rid of most Snowfield Bosses in like 10 seconds).

Formation A3 (Average Team DPS ~ 19000):

  • Sniper 1 - 4: Indra Arrow (Quick Card 5, Critical Card 5) DPS: 4762.86

This formation can only be used towards the later stages (you need to beat Mountaintop). Has almost triple the damage output of Formation A1, however, the damage output is highly random, and some enemies have Thunder Resistance. Furthermore, due to Indra Arrow's arc terrain may prove to be a problem, as well as faster-moving enemies that begin closer to the Snipers. If every second arrow or more is failing to hit any enemies, consider swapping Quick's Card for Guide's Card or Pierce's Card depending on which problem you're encountering.

Formation B1 (Average Team DPS ~ depends on no. of "attacking" Snipers and their weapon)

  • Sniper 1 - 1/2/3: Nonuple Shot (Knockback Card 4, Quick Card 5)
  • Sniper 2/3/4 - 4: Any Fire Weapon (ie. Double Flame 6) or high DPS weapon (Quad Steel Arrow)

This formation is incredibly powerful, but has its limitations. The basic general strategy is to use the "knockback" snipers to force enemies at a set distance (ie. "attacking" Sniper range > enemy range), while the attacking sniper(s) attacks from this safe distance.The number of "knockback" snipers required depends on the type, size and number of enemies on the screen.

General Guidelines:

  • This strategy only functions if most of the enemies are mobile (no trees).
  • Also, there cannot be any other enemies with high range or attacking power (or any status that would affect the "knockback" sniper's role, ie. Cold, Freeze).
  • Finally, this strategy only works up to a moderate number of enemies (a general rule of thumb is that each "knockback" sniper can force around 10-12 enemies at a safe distance). Too many enemies, and the team is easily overwhelmed.
  • If you are taking heavy damage, then you are doing it wrong (read above again).
  • Ice Castle and Hell 1 are excellent examples where this strategy would work flawlessly.
  • Snowfield 7 is the perfect example of how this strategy would fail miserably.

Game Progression

Opening Street:

  • Obtain as many Triple Shot 1 as possible
  • Do not loiter and gather exp. Kill boss and move to Grasslands.

Grasslands Series:

Grassland 1:

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