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Green Marker

This map shows the areas where Mega Bosses are present.

A mega boss is a boss that resides in a stage of two levels: the first one is a screen with nothing except the "boss" sign, and the second one contains the boss. Mega bosses are generally harder and bigger than regular bosses and have more than one attacks usually with both ranged melee attacks. Mega bosses usually reside in built structures such as castles and pyramids, which are visible on the map from the beginning of the game, and they are kind of a barrier for inexperienced teams. Another interesting note is that they tend to have a higher immunity to Freeze compared with most bosses in the stages before.

Mega bosses

Stage Boss Level # of Bosses LP EXP Gold
Castle Castle Boss Castle Boss 20 1 5000 1000 1000
Submarine Shrine Shrine Boss Submarine Shrine Boss 40 1 40000 4000 4000
Pyramid Pyramid Boss Pyramid Boss 50 1 80000 6000 3000
Ice Castle Ice Castle Boss Ice Castle Boss 70 1 250000 8000 8000
Hell Castle Hell Castle Boss Hell Castle Boss 99 1 999999 99999 9999

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