~0.55 px/frame
Melts into magma on contact with it.
Special properties
Conducts thunder, reflects laser.
Both horizontally and vertically.

Mercury is a liquid element in Powder Game.


  • Mercury is a liquid similar to ant, because powders can lay on its surface and will not sink. However, mercury does so because it is more dense, while ant does so because ant and powder are of the same density.
  • Mercury is the same color in BG-gray as in the other backgrounds.
  • Mercury is the densest element in Powder Game.

Reactions with elements

  • It can be considered "liquid metal":
    • Mercury can reflect laser beams in the same way as metal and can reflect them with metal.
    • Mercury can conduct thunder.
    • Magma slowly turns it into more magma on contact.
  • Acid melts mercury.
  • Mercury detonates bomb, like other elements.
  • When mercury is falling and is touched by laser, the mercury will reflect the laser in many different directions and produce more of the laser, similar to a spinning wheel. This is a side effect of how laser works, and that mercury moves and reflects laser, not an explicit feature of mercury.
  • It sits on top of laser for a short time before falling and splitting it.
  • It is the same weight as magma, which is the heaviest liquid: It will fall through every non-solid element except magma. This includes powders.
  • While mercury does not usually fly when thunder touches it, if a layer of powder is placed over the mercury and thunder is added, the mercury will be attracted to the thunder with the powder (like other elements) and will fly. This may or may not be a glitch, as it may have been intentional.
  • When mercury is under stone, it still acts like a liquid without anything on top of it

Reaction with objects

Fun with Murcury

Jericho123's upload, "Fun with mercury", demonstrates mercury's laser reflecting and cloning properties.

  • Players, fighters, and boxes can stand on mercury like standing on ant and can slide on the surface like ice. They can even slide while inside mercury.
    • Mercury is the slickest of all elements, the second being ice and third being glass.
  • Powder ball is destroyed in contact with mercury.
    • Other elemental balls just penetrate through mercury, with the exceptions of a bomb ball, which will detonate before any chance of penetration, acid ball, which will destroy the mercury surrounding it, and pump ball, which will absorb the mercury. Clone ball, thunder ball, fan ball, and virus ball all penetrate and react on contact with mercury.

Comparison to actual mercury

  • In-game mercury does not expand with heat. This makes a mercury thermometer impossible in Powder Game unless clone and wind were involved.
  • In-game mercury does not freeze. This could, however, be possible due to the lowest possible temperature being at about 0°C (indicated by ice), while the freezing point of mercury is near -39°C.
  • It is not possible for players or fighters to die specifically from in-game mercury, while exposure to mercury in real-life can poison.


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