MP Play Stage3

Stage 3 in Play mode.

Micro Panda is a 3D action web game, and the 7th game on Dan-Ball, where the player must "illuminate" objects within the play field by controlling a large rectangular panda with the mouse. The front of the panda emits a small beam, which when placed into contact with one of these objects, will illuminate the object.

Micro Panda is the first 3D game on Dan-Ball. The camera view angle never actually changes, and only scrolls around the stage tracking the panda.

Like several other Dan-Ball games, Micro Panda includes a ranking system comparing the scores between the three available levels and the total scores.


In the game, there are three different stages to choose from. Each stage is reminiscent of public parks, with fountains, walkways, and even umbrella stands. It is advisable to search for the objects in the stages in a grid pattern to avoid missing any, having to backtrack to find them, and thus losing time.


MP Free Stage2

Stage 2 in Play Freely mode.

Micro Panda has two different modes, namely "play" and "play freely".


In Play mode, the player plays against a time limit of 99s. Players try to illuminate as many objects as possible within the time limit and their performance will be recorded in a ranking system.

Play Freely

In Play Freely mode, players may roam about the level as long as they want. This is how most players receive practice by understanding the distribution of objects.


MP Score

Scoring screen after completion of Stage 3.

The points are calculated according to this formula:

Total points = (Score + Fly High) * Lighting rate


Score is obtained by illuminating objects. Below is a list of objects and their corresponding score:

  • Plant: 1
  • Tree pole: 1
  • Small pyramid: 2
  • Flower: 2
  • Tree: 3
  • Palm: 3
  • Lamp Post: 3
  • Umbrellas: 4
  • Square block: 4
  • Water lily leaf: 5
  • Cactus: 5
  • Hexagonal block: 5
  • Panda clock: 6
  • Sign: 7
  • Fountain: 8
  • Castle: 9
  • Big pyramid: 9

Fly High

One may also get points by getting high in the air, as seen in the "fly high" indicator at the top-left of the screen. The higher up one goes, the more points are awarded.

Lighting Rate

The amount of objects illuminated is recorded as a percentage of total number of objects. The lighting rate is not shown in play mode until the game ends and is shown during gameplay in play freely mode.


Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
1.6 20/07/2018 MP ver1.6 Bug fix (Scrolling while playing the game on smartphones). jp/en
1.5 18/09/2015 MP ver1.5 HTML5 support. jp/en
1.4 29/07/2007 Play freely mode addition. jp/en
1.3 24/06/2007 MP ver1.3 Stage addition (Stage 3). jp/en
1.2 26/03/2007 Stage addition (Stage 2). jp/en
1.1 19/03/2007 Ranking function addition. Game algorithm adjustments. jp/en
1.0 11/03/2007 Game creation. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.