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Banner for the game Mine Tower.

The game Mine Tower was released on Dan-Ball on August 21st, 2009. This game is a mix of action games with scrolling backgrounds and the classic game "Minesweeper".

Game Interface


The interface of a game in Mine Tower.

  • F: Indicates the floor on the bottom currently.
  • Time: Indicates the time used in playing.
  • Mine: Shows the number of mines which have not been found by putting a flag. The game starts with a random number of mines and varies on each difficulty.
  • Miss: Shows how many times the player has pressed on a mine.
  • Speed: Shows the speed of scrolling currently
  • The Dan-Ball Logo: Pressing this will restart the game.



The game is cleared when the player reach the 200th floor.(ver1.0)

The rules of this game are similar to Minesweeper. However, clicking a mine does not result in a loss. Players have to figure out where the mines are by revealing contents inside the cells and using the hints inside. There are 3 types of cells: Blank cells, numbered cells and mines.

If players reveal a blank cell, all the 8 cells surrounding it are revealed. If one or more of the 8 cells is blank, it will behave like players revealed it, sometimes causing an (immediate) chain reaction. Numbered cells indicate how many mines are in the 8 cells surrounding it. If a mine is revealed, the tower will drop for a certain length and results in a miss. The game is lost if an unrevealed blank cell or numbered cell drops to the bottom.


  • Left click on a cell: Reveal the content inside the cell.
  • Left click on a numbered cell with all its nearby mines "flagged": Reveal all remaining cells around.
  • Left click on an item: Activate the item.
  • Right click on a blank cell: The cell will be marked with a flag. If clicked for a second time when ? marks are on, the flag will turn into a "?" which indicates that the player is not sure about whether that cell has a mine or not. Clicking another time will turn the cell blank.
  • Space (while pointing on a blank cell): Same as right click.
  • Left click on the "Skip" button or the down arrow button on keyboard: Cause the tower to drop faster. Useful when players have finished the entire field.
  • Left click on the "Pause" button or the "P" on the keyboard: Pause the game.
  • Left click on the "? Mark On/Off" button: Turns on/off the use of ? marks


There are items to use in Mine Tower. To use these items, click on the item desired. The effects of items are here:

  • Watch: Changes the speed to 0 for 15 seconds.
  • Scope: Reveal the location of mines for 3 seconds.
  • Bomb: By clicking on the desired area, all cells in the area will be revealed and have the mines marked. It reveals an area of 7x7 cells.


There are 4 different modes for Mine Tower. Their differences are listed below.

  • Easy mode: 100 floors, initial speed is 1, speed level increases per 50 floors, number of mines is around 90-100.
  • Normal mode: 200 floors, initial speed is 1, speed level increases per 50 floors, number of mines is around 350-375.
  • Hard mode: 150 floors, initial speed is 1, speed level increases per 30 floors, number of mines is around 390-420.
  • High-speed mode: 400 floors, initial speed is 10, speed level increases per 10 floors, number of mines is around 255-265


In the game, points are calculated once the game ends. Total points are calculated as follows:

No. of completed floors * 500 - time taken * 50 - no. of misses * 500

The points determines ranking in game if the player has a DB account


Version Date Thumbnail

New features and changes

1.6 10/07/2015 MT ver1.6 HTML5 support. jp/en
1.5 20/11/2009 MT ver1.5 High-speed mode addition. ? mark on/off addition. Freezing bug fixed. jp/en
1.4 23/10/2009 MT ver1.4 Hard mode addition. jp/en
1.3 02/10/2009 MT ver1.3 Ranking addition. jp/en
1.2 18/09/2009 MT ver1.2 Easy mode addition. Mine arrangement algorithm changed. jp/en
1.1 04/09/2009 MT ver1.1 Item addition. Bug fix. jp/en
1.0 21/08/2009 MT ver1.0 Game creation. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.

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