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MiniMap is a tool in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. It shows a thumbnail of the main screen below it on the menu. The MiniMap hovers at the top of the elements list, but moves around to cover the left or right side of the list when the cursor goes near it. It can be turned on or off by clicking the MiniMap option on the right side of the menu.


MiniMap in Powder Game 1. Notice how it only displays elements on the intersections on the highest grid setting (7).

The MiniMap only displays elements present on the X/Y intersections of grid 7 (or grid 9 in Powder Game 2). This means that it can be used to conceal features that would otherwise be visible on the thumbnail by simply not placing the elements on these points.


  • It was implemented in ver9.0 for Powder Game and ver6.3 for Powder Game 2.
  • Scale does not affect the MiniMap.
  • In Powder Game, Around the thumbnail, there is a grey border, that is the same colour as block and cannot be removed. In Powder Game 2, no such border exists for the MiniMap.
  • In Powder Game (AG), there is a lack of a menu, so the MiniMap hovers around the game screen and can be dragged to different locations.


  • Hidden messages in uploads.
  • Previewing uploads' thumbnails before uploading.
  • If the player frequently uses scale, it can be used as a way to see the whole screen while still on scale.
  • Trickery; making the viewer expect a different upload than what actually exists.
  • Large scale pixel art.

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