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A minigame is a small interactive technology and upload type in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. Minigames are usually composed of a small and often simple technologies, or a series of player course obstacles. These minigames are often packed together in a multi-upload, instead of being uploaded by itself. Minigames which are not included along side another creation often get a medium amount of votes depending on the complexity and originality, so are therefor rarely uploaded alone.

Common Minigames

Common types of minigames include:

  • Get across the _____ bridge (this often uses a row of balls which have been loosely suspended by a small amount of a solid element on its corners).
  • Survive an onslaught of some form for a certain period of time.
  • A small player course
  • Outrun some form of moving mass that would kill the player.
  • Save the _____.
  • kill all _____.
  • Some form of technology with an AI such as a Tic-Tac-toe machine.
  • Player vs player battles.

Player vs player

PVP Arena

"Player Battle Arena" by lordgman

A player vs player minigame (commonly abbreviated as PVP in upload titles to save space) is a type of minigame which requires two people to control one player on the screen. The average player vs player is a large arena type landscape, often with several platforms to jump on. Players are placed at either end of the arena, with elements such as laser, fire, spark, and acid placed near them to be chosen and used as "weapons." The object of a player vs player battle is essentially to outlast the opponent by attempting to kill the other player with said elements. Other player vs player uploads even use certain balls that can be "kicked" around and either produce a harmful element or somehow remove the platform in which the player is standing on. Player vs player arenas can often be very simple and are generally easy to create if not elaborated on, and are therefor a popular upload type among newer users. However, these uploads generally get a medium to low amount of votes simply because of how unoriginal and easy they are to create, not to mention that two users are required to play the upload.

A variation of the player vs player battle is to create a type of sports match such as soccer or basketball, using a ball or box that will be kicked around into "nets" by the players. Unlike normal player vs player arenas, these are intended to be a friendly match, however are often very difficult to properly play as a ball can simply roll past a player unless it is to jump at the exact time.

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