ZI-3 Mission 5

A mission containing various objectives (ZI-3 Mission 5 by Mega 3295).

Mission uploads are a type of Powder Game upload. They are common and often have more than one part to them, becoming a series. The user controls players, who must complete the goal. Most mission uploads have objectives, which each one must be completed to complete the entire mission, or others are just the mission itself in a single objective. Missions are usually about entering a building and saving someone, defusing a bomb, retrieving an item, eliminating someone etc while objectives are usually disabling or destroying something (e.g. blueprints, box, supply of ammo etc). Most, if not all missions end with an escape.

Mission Series

Mission uploads usually are a series of uploads with various missions all based on something. Mission series usually contain characters; with the Player(s), a main villain, other villains, allies etc and where the villain(s) have a plan for something that the Player(s) must foil in the end and finally defeat the villain(s).


Missions usually have obstacles along the way, to keep it from being too easy to complete. Laser is a common obstacle, allegedly laser turrets or laser guns. Thunder is often used, but not as common, and is usually alleged as electricity. Bombs are usually made of flammable and combustible elements and are usually made with a metal or stone fuse so that magma can follow it and eventually explode the bomb. Bombs are usually made to be defused by the Player(s) using water. Fighters are also a common obstacle, having to be avoided or killed with Laser or Fire power.


Missions usually include rescuing someone. This "someone" is usually a Fake Person (see Characters content); having to be rescued from fighters, a bomb, from a cell etc. The person being rescued can also be a Player, being rescued from a breakable cell by the other Player. The person being rescued is sometimes a Fighter, which is rare since the Fighter is an enemy to the Player.

Retrieving an Item

When a mission contains retrieving an item and escaping, the item usually (not always) is a Box or Ball, since those items are the only items that a Player or Fighter can move without using Drag or any other element; as the player must kick the box or ball to the mission's escape point. If the item is not a Box or Ball, the uploader of the mission usually declares that to retrieve the item, the Player must simply touch it, since it cannot be moved.


When a mission upload or series contains characters (as mentioned before), these characters can be "Fake People", which are made up of elements that resemble a person. This way, they can have more appearance and character, whereas fighters are uncontrollable and can kill Players and there can only be two Players.

Elements resembling a woman.

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