Mist Grove is a series of stages in Stick Ranger.


The Mist Grove stages are found on a branch south of Seaside 1, and around the southern end of the large sea bay east of the Castle. The stages include atmospheric fog effects, which first appeared in Forest 1. The landscapes are the same as those from the Grassland series, but with a different tileset similar to tileset used in the Forest stages. In Mist Grove 3, however, there is a different landscape, which is the same as the one used in the Hill Country series. However, the 4th and 5th screens in Mist Grove 3 go back to the Grassland landscape before returning to the Hill Country one on the 6th screen.

The first two Mist Grove stages use the following landscape:

Mist Grove
Mist Grove 1 and 2 landscape

In Mist Grove 3, the following landscape is used:

Mist Grove 3
Mist Grove 3 landscape (excluding 4th and 5th screens)

List of Mist Grove stages

There are three stages in the Mist Grove series:


  • The existence of the Mist Grove series was known over five months in advance, due to hackers breaching the game and discovering rough alphas of the stages. What's interesting to note is a very, very early alpha of ??? was also discovered. It had no name, and was not invisible on the map. See here for a video showing off rough alphas of stages before their official release.

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