The image demonstrates the difference between different Mix options by painting the right half of the default blue water with red and leaving the mixture unattended for seconds. From top to bottom options non, RGB and HSV are used. RGB eventually turns the water purple and HSV turns the water green.

Mix is a Liquid Webtoy tool used to adjust whether elements of different colors stay separated or mix into one color, and how they mix if they do. It has three settings:

  • non- Colors remain separated and do not mix.
  • RGB- Colors mix into one color, based on their RGB value.
  • HSV- Colors mix into one color, based on their HSV value.


  • RGB means Red Green Blue. This will mix colors on a three bar basis.
  • HSV means Hue Saturation Value and value is a representation for lightness. This will mix colors on a Tint vs Brightness basis.

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