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Here is my guide to making a lot of money in Monster Box at a very fast rate.

Step 1

Start with a Boxer, invest 25 points in his Range (for Range Attack), 1 in his Range Attack and 74 in half-life attack.

Step 2

Buy Magicians and invest 63 points in Electric Shock and 37 points in Multiple Chain. Move them to the right end of the game screen.

Step 3

Invest 3 points in Pop-Up for all monsters, put 15 points in the White Box Tree's Tower, 20 in Red Skull Bat's Delta Feather and 10 in Green Gel Head's Revive. Put the rest of the points in Toughness.

The Boxer will collect money quickly to help with getting the magicians whose lightning will bounce across the screen nearly one third of the time, killing a good portion of the things they hit, making you lots of cash!

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