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A Moving Fuse is a type of fuse in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. They generally use an element traveling from one point to another to activate a certain contraption. This contraption is generally a Nitro button, through the use of accelerated superball. Moving fuses are also capable of simply using high-speed wind to accomplish their goals, however these are generally known as air cannons. Moving fuses are most commonly used in company with guns when uploaded as a way of destroying a target, by using explosives to launch superball and wind towards a target such as an ice wall or nitro button to detonate or destroy said target.

In Powder Game 2, it is possible to use "falling" thunder to activate targets, as it is capable of not-only traveling downwards by itself as it is in the original Powder Game, but also moving left, right, and even upwards.

How to create a superball-based fuse

  • First, create some form of gun by using explosive elements inside of a block container (note that one end should be open on either side or top, so any explosives are unable to escape).
  • Next, add a hollow tube to the end with the hole and cap the side facing the explosives with a non-reactive solid such as metal.
  • After that, place superball within the other end of the tube.
  • Once the fuse itself is done, create a target such as a nitro button and activate the explosive within the gun to start the fuse.

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