Segments in scale x8

The Moving text effect is a pixel art/text illusion in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that can be created by using laser and metal mirrors. Moving text illusions, contrary to their name, do not use the built-in text function on the menu, and do not necessarily have to display text, but are still generally are used to display a simple message. Each pixel of the message is made from small circular metal segments. Inside of which is located a dot of laser which reflects off of the metal, creating the illusion that entire text is moving. Moving text looks best in BG-shade with speed set to 4.

Moving text illusions generally get a low amount of votes if used alone in uploads. This is generally caused by the technology's simplicity and unoriginality. Because of this, moving text is often used as decoration or with other creations in a multi-upload.


Example of moving text from the upload "Hidden Laser Message" by Stevenh1997aske


A variation of the laser-based moving text illusion is to use a grid of 3x3 (or larger) loops of metal with a dot of thunder in the center as pixels instead of laser reflectors. This causes much the same effect as a laser-based moving text illusion, but while being more compact, not to mention using different colour text.


Laser Pixel Art by YinYang

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