A Multi-Upload is a type of upload on Powder Game and Powder Game 2. The typical multi-upload, as the name suggests, contains a collection of small creations and contraptions, generally too small or simple to be uploaded alone, combined in several sections to create one large and often complex upload. Each section in a multi-upload is generally separated by a wall of block to prevent any wind and/or other harmful reactions generated by one section from spreading to other parts of the upload, which would ruin most creations commonly used.


"MultiUpload & More 2" by Hogwing

Multi-uploads often include a variety of mini-games, small calculators and other technology, pixel arts, illusions, courses with thunder-charged glass or laser, explosives, guns, and other forms of creations. This makes more complex multi-uploads very entertaining and popular with users, and therefor generally receive a medium to large amount of votes. Despite this popularity, the frequency in which multi-uploads are produced had dwindled recently, possibly due to the challenge of creating the several original and highly complex creations required by the upload.

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