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"3 players proof" by Uitham, showing the three players, some stone, gas, and soapy, along with an inscription made from metal says: 'gansta:So u tought i was faking it?here!'

In the earlier versions of Powder Game, it was possible to manipulate the game's source code to have up to three players on the screen at the same time. (Note, this was before the second player was implemented in ver5.8). Each of these players were able to have their own attribute. Each player was also controlled with the arrow keys, meaning that there was no way to move one player with the keyboard without moving the others.

3 players proof

3 players proof is a simple upload made by the uploader Uitham with 3 players on the screen, accompanied by some rubble and text. Uitham has admitted to hacking the game using a Cheat Engine, and was largely disapproved of by the general Powder Game community, often called a scammer and a cheater. Uitham claims he does not deserve the votes he obtained for the upload. However, he received much praise from the Dan-Ball Forum for his discovery.

In their upload, Uitham wrote: "gansta:So u tought i was faking it?here!" as a user named "gansta" hadn't believed him at first. He had previously stated that Uitham simply edited the original photo to show three players.

Code published by Yasuaki

A user named Yasuaki created a different code and released to public that would allow the three players hack, sparking numerous uploads about it, although most were quickly deleted.

Fix of the bug

Immediately after the code was released, the hack was nullified by the following update. It then became impossible to manipulate the game's coding to create three players, or use a Get-Set code of a previous upload involving three players. After the bug was fixed, all three players uploads (including "3 players proof") were deleted. Several months later, update 5.8 allowed the creation of a second player with a circular head that moved to the "WASD" keys, removing the need for hacking the game.

Faked multiple players

Several users also tried to fake uploads with multiple players. In most cases C-4 was used to create a pixel art image of the real player. In some rare uploads this was used to confuse viewers of the position of the real player, which was often used to make player courses more difficult. If the viewer took the first step in the wrong direction, the real player may fall into a trap, thus killing it. In other uploads faked players are included for fun and decoration, often made of joints and pixel arts. Unfortunately some uploaders also used this method to fool viewers by telling that the false players would become real players if the upload was voted for, and requested the viewer to instantly vote for their upload.

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