Yes, explodes into fire and a strong burst of air.
Doesn't react except to explode.
Special properties
Explodes if the wind is too strong, it's going too fast, or if a superball going fast enough hits it.
Both horizontally and vertically.

Nitro is a liquid element in Powder Game that simulates nitroglycerin. It is the most powerful and explosive element in Powder Game.


  • Explodes in contact with lighter elements (magma, fire, torch, laser, thunder, and spark).
  • It is the only explosive that can be detonated using bomb.
  • Nitro also explodes when superball hits it at high speed.
  • Nitro explodes if it is traveling too fast - high wind velocities cause nitro to explode, nitro fireworks explode immediately, and a player shooting nitro makes an explosion propelling the player, often used as a jetpack in player courses.
  • Dragging nitro blows it up. However, there are a few ways to move nitro using drag. Just use small quick clicks around the nitro. Do not try to hold the mouse too long or move the mouse while it is held down. Another easier, yet riskier way is to simply drag a small amount of nitro very slowly and carefully.
  • Nitro creates a shock wave that can travel through pen-s 1 block, but this shock wave is fairly weak and dissipates quickly (compared to gunpowder, the shock wave of which is stronger and dissipates slower), though it will detonate any nitro if it is immediately next to the wall.
  • It destroys acid in a 1:1 ratio- the lowest of all elements along with C-4.
  • Nitro turns powder ball into powder.
  • At normal speed, nitro appears to explode, or turn to fire completely in less then a second. However, the burning of nitro appears to be dependent on the way in which it was drawn by the brush, and under certain conditions, nitro will burn in the shape of the brush stroke, but only if the strokes are done when paused and the nitro is ignited immediately. However, this will not be seen when the nitro pattern is loaded, thus nitro is seen to explode in a single block when exploded on loading.
  • Nitro burns at the fastest rate of all elements. Dots of fire spread through the nitro to speed up the ignition. In large blocks, the nitro burns within frames, but in single block wide tubes, the rate burns as low as 25 blocks per second, but the average seems to be 100 blocks per second in any bigger tubes. (Note: these values are averages)
  • Nitro can be absorbed by fuse. It, in turn, becomes explosive fuse, because once the fuse is lit, the spark it generates ignite the absorbed nitro.
    • When absorbed, air, superball, bomb, outside spark, or drag does not make it explode.


  • Jetpack (in player courses)
  • Ammunition propulsion in guns
  • Explosive used in a bomb