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A nitro button is a very simple piece of technology in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. A nitro button utilizes a unique property of nitro, in which it explodes if an element or object impacts it at a high-enough velocity, or simply causes it to move suddenly. Nitro buttons can either be triggered remotely through the use of a moving fuse or simply the element fuse. Because of their ability to be triggered remotely, nitro buttons are generally used as targets in gun uploads, where high-speed superball or wind will detonate them. This is generally considered more entertaining than using a target that does not explode upon contact.


To create a nitro button, first make a small area filled with Nitro, and surrounded it with a solid element that does not react with the nitro (such as C-4 or metal, however ice is the most recommended because it is "blown away" by the wind). Next, attach the surrounding element in any form of fuse (such as a moving fuse or the element, fuse) (note that this step is optional). To use the button, simply drag the nitro, apply large amounts of wind, or activate the fuse if one has been used.


An example of a nitro button can be seen in the upload 1st Eletr. Engine by slr drift.

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