Number Pad

This is an example of a standard Number Pad made by lgomstr (Digits are represented in glass)

A number pad is a type of technology and upload in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that is designed for the purpose of displaying different numbers, and occasionally letters on command. Number pads are most commonly included as part of calculators or similar technologies to display the outcome of a certain event, however, they can also be used as a standalone upload.

Number pads as standalone uploads often get a medium to high amount of votes depending on their originality and complexity. However, it is recommended to upload simple number pads along side other technologies.

Types of number pads

8 figure

There are many possible ways to create a number pad on both games. The most common way being through the usage of thunder-charged glass, often arranged in segments on an 8 figure, which is then illuminated in certain sections to produce a number. A variation of this is to surround the glass display with torch and turn the BG to BG-light. This will cause any illuminated glass to blend into the torch, so that inactive glass generates the number instead of the opposite, which is not only much more space- and dot-efficient than the normal setup, but the number produced is easier to see. However, this often reduces the FPS.

Another frequently-used way to create a number pad is to use C-4 (or sometimes fuse) instead of glass. When a current (or occasionally other lighter elements such as laser) is applied to the element, it will explode and destroy itself, thus creating a gap in the 8 figure and generating the desired number. Another less-common method is to use reflected laser to create the desired number. This was first demonstrated in Laser Num Pad by DarkRaine.


Like the display method itself, the circuitry that powers the number pad can also vary greatly. The most common method is to use an intricate web of pen-s 0 metal wires running from each button or trigger to the desired display segments. A more complex method, however is to use a large randomizer to spread the thunder from one wire to several designated wires at one time. Other less-common methods also exist, such as using laser and reflectors instead of thunder to trigger the display segments.


The first number pad on Powder Game was titled working Num pad , and was created by P0WD3RFR34K. However, the technology behind the number pad has been greatly improved since then, to the point of soccerking's Fiber Optic Num. Pad

Uploads like 赤と黄色で数字を表示 by にぶ use several series of mercury switches to operate a number pad much faster than the aforementioned uploads.

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