~0.58 px/frame
Destroys and is destroyed by soapy in a 1:1 ratio.
Special properties
Both horizontally and vertically.

Oil is a dark reddish brown flammable liquid element in Powder Game.


  • Oil is the least dense liquid, and the 11th lightest element.
  • It burns on contact with lighter elements (fire, magma, Torch and laser, thunder, and spark), producing up to 10 pixels of fire when burned.
  • Thunder also makes it fly while burning.
  • Laser also eats through oil, burning it in the process.
  • It destroys and is destroyed by Soapy, in an exact 1:1 ratio.
  • Oil floats on water and burns, creating an oil spill effect.
  • Oil turns powder ball into Powder.
  • Oil can be absorbed by fuse to make fire when ignited.
  • Oil can be fractionally distilled as it can be in real life, some staying near the bottom, some moving up. There is no distinction between the fractions.
  • Oil is the best to make flamethrowers with, because unlike gas, it requires fire to be touching it to burn, so the fire doesn't trace back to the fuel source.

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