experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Olive Boss Star Tree
25- 1
26 250
27 500
28 750
29 1000
30 1250
31 1500
32 1750
33 2000
34 2250
35 2500
36 2250
37 2000
38 1750
39 1500
40 1250
41 1000
42 750
43 500
44 250
45+ 1
Olive Boss Star Tree Olive Boss Star Tree
Location: Mist Grove 3
LP: 9000
AT: 50-60 ×7
Minimum AGI: 100
Expected AGI: 118.34
Range: 200
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: Physical (AT +10)
LV: 35
EXP: 2500
Gold ($): 400
Drops: Critical's Card 3 (10%)
Poison Charm 2 (10%)
Species: Tree
Head: Star
Attack: OliveStarMushroomNeedle
Head colour: #989800
Body colour: #323232
Movement: no movement


Although this boss has a very high AT for this point in the game, it is not as dangerous since it comes alone and has a slow fire rate. The projectiles it fires have a wide spread, making the dodge strategy and bait strategy applicable. It is weak to Physical attacks, so a Gladiator with a Long Sabel 4 equipped with attack-boosting compos should destroy this boss quickly. Physical weapons in general would make the fight easier, and an Ice type weapon would allow the boss to barely attack. Silver Crystals may not be as recommended, but it is worth it if a character takes a hit from this boss.


  • This is the first boss whose species does not appear on early levels in its stage.
  • Before ver8.5, this boss dealt the highest single-hit Physical damage in the game. It is now third, behind the White Boss Vampire Fish and the White Boss X Walker.
  • It is one of the four biggest Trees in the game.

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