experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Olive Gel Dragon
38- 1
39 35
40 70
41 105
42 140
43 175
44 210
45 245
46 280
47 315
48 350
49 315
50 280
51 245
52 210
53 175
54 140
55 105
56 70
57 35
58+ 1
Olive Gel Dragon Olive Gel Dragon
Location: Beach 1
LP: 800
AT: 5-10
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 81.03
Range: 200
Strength: Poison (Time -50%)
Weakness: none
LV: 48
EXP: 350
Gold ($): 200
Drops: Topaz 4 (1.25%)
Species: Dragon
Head: Gel
Attack: OliveGelDragonBullet
Head colour: #BDBA31
Body colour: #CECFCE
Movement: flying


This enemy is the stronger cousin of the Cyan Gel Dragon. However, they shoot bullets at characters instead of pellets. They are not difficult to deal with, but melee characters are advised not to stay underneath them, as they will take unnecessary damage, especially when a large group of them is present. They act a lot like the Green Skull Dragon and the Red Big Skull Dragon from Grassland 3, as it, too, drops projectiles to the ground, so ranged characters might not have huge problems. Ice and Thunder type weapons are helpful against groups of this enemy, and physical attacks should be enough for single ones. This is also the first Olive enemy not to be weak against physical attacks, and it has the same amount of LP as the Orange Boss Skull Dragon.

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