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experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Orange Boss Diamond Snake
39- 1
40 300
41 600
42 900
43 1200
44 1500
45 1800
46 2100
47 2400
48 2700
49 3000
50 2700
51 2400
52 2100
53 1800
54 1500
55 1200
56 900
57 600
58 300
59+ 1
Orange Boss Diamond Snake Orange Boss Diamond Snake
Location: Desert 7
LP: 19000
AT: 3-4
AGI: 10-
Range: 500
Strength: Fire (AT =1)
Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 49
EXP: 3000
Gold ($): 666
Drops: Explosion's Card 4 (5%)
Fire Spirit 4 (5%)
Species: Snake
Head: Diamond
Attack: OrangeBossDiamondSnakeHeat
Head colour: #FFC010
Body colour: #CC6600
Movement: jumping

Notice: The algorithm for Max AGI is currently not exactly known so only Min AGI is included for most enemies. If you can understand the algorithm through the game's source code, or want to understand the current situation, visit this page. If you want to help by providing test results, you can post them in this page, where instructions for testing are also provided.


This is not a very difficult boss, even though looks suggest so. Like its enemy counterpart, the Orange Diamond Snake, it jumps around the stage constantly emitting stationary heat attacks. It emits heat attacks even when the characters are on the other side of the screen. Using the lure strategy in order to kill the Orange Diamond Snakes first is vital, as they can all gang up and kill characters easily. Once they are dead, merely stay away from the boss' attacks and use a Magician with an Ice Meteor and/or a Sniper with Triple Poison. It is also recommended to use the bait strategy by dragging one of the stickmen above them. This is the first Snake boss to use a fire attack, let alone a rare heat attack. This boss also drops 666 gold.

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