experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Orange Boss Vampire Eel
42- 1
43 150
44 300
45 450
46 600
47 750
48 900
49 1050
50 1200
51 1350
52 1500
53 1350
54 1200
55 1050
56 900
57 750
58 600
59 450
60 300
61 150
62+ 1
Orange Boss Vampire Eel Orange Boss Vampire Eel
Location: Beach 2
LP: 3000
AT: 1-5 (Burn 10%)
Minimum AGI: 20
Expected AGI: 38.34
Range: 150
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 52
EXP: 1500
Gold ($): 1000
Drops: Garnet 4 (2.5%)
Peridot 4 (2.5%)
Species: Eel
Head: Vampire
Attack: B2BossLaser
Head colour: #CE6500
Body colour: #633000
Movement: Flying


This boss is very aggressive compared to most other enemies in the game. This may cause fighting them to be hard, as there are ten of them and they shoot lasers in a rapid succession. The attacks can damage the team heavily because the attack pierces characters and cannot be reduced in damage through Silver Crystals or the defense auras of Priests. Purple Crystals, however, can nullify this to a minor extent. A Sniper with a Triple Poison 4 or any melee characters with a high DPS are effective on this boss. They also have terribly low LP compared to bosses this late in the game. The dodge strategy works very well on this boss.


  • This is the second small-sized boss in the game, with the first one being the White Boss Box Stickman of Desert 5.
  • This is the first boss to have a exact same size and face with body, yet different color to its other cousin, the White Vampire Eel.
  • This is the first small-sized Eel boss in the game.

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