experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Orange Demon Dragon
71- 1
72 90
73 180
74 270
75 360
76 450
77 540
78 630
79 720
80 810
81 900
82 810
83 720
84 630
85 540
86 450
87 360
88 270
89 180
90 90
91+ 1
Orange Demon Dragon Orange Demon Dragon
Location: Hell 6
LP: 15000
AT: 8-8 (Burn 5%)
Minimum AGI: 10
Expected AGI: 28.34
Range: 200
Strength: Fire (AT -75%)
Weakness: none
LV: 81
EXP: 900
Gold ($): 1500
Drops: Flame Shot 7 (5%)
Species: Dragon
Head: Demon
Attack: OrangeDemonDragonAT
Head colour: #FE5F0F
Body colour: #996633
Movement: Flying


These enemies have a fairly long range, but despite this, their attack travels a ridiculously short distance before stopping in place, meaning that at long range, these guys can't do much to harm characters. However, given the somewhat aggressive nature of Dragon enemies, they can easily close the gap and manage to attack characters. If that winds up being the case, their low-AGI, Fire-type attack can rack up serious damage if a character is unable to get out of its way in time. Be cautious about bunching your characters up, as the fire type attack, as fire type attacks tend to do, pierces characters and can strike multiple at a time. Thankfully, they usually only tend to appear in pairs, with one exception near the end of the stage where they appear in a small group of ten, alongside two of the other enemies in the stage.


Before ver15.5, this enemy had 20000 LP and an AT of 10-10.

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