experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Orange Diamond Spider
33- 1
34 50
35 100
36 150
37 200
38 250
39 300
40 350
41 400
42 450
43 500
44 450
45 400
46 350
47 300
48 250
49 200
50 150
51 100
52 50
53+ 1
Orange Diamond Spider Orange Diamond Spider
Location: Desert 4
LP: 1000
AT: Pellet:1-3 (Burn 5%)
Fire Residue:1-3 (Burn 5%)
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 81.03
Range: 150
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 43
EXP: 500
Gold ($): 200
Drops: Flame Sabel 4 (3.33%)
Species: Spider
Head: Diamond
Attack: OrangeDiamondSpiderPelletM2CommonFireAT
Head colour: #FF5A28
Body colour: #585A58
Movement: walking


This enemy shoots pellets that leave Fire residue just like the Red Skull Stickman (CG) and the Olive Roundhead Stickman. Unlike them, however, this enemy shoots pellets much faster and the Fire residue does not disappear upon contact, making them quite a problem, even though it's pretty weak. Since they usually come in large groups, characters can easily be overwhelmed if they're not careful. The Priest's Defense Aura also cannot reduce the damage taken, since the damage is magical. Purple and Black Crystals will deal with the damage, instead. Freeze type weapons should be considered when taking down mobs of this enemy. The Magician's Big Icicle 4 should be enough to hold them in place, where the rest of the team can destroy them with ease. Fire type weapons may also help against large groups of this enemy.

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