experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Orange Roundhead Tree
59- 1
60 60
61 120
62 180
63 240
64 300
65 360
66 420
67 480
68 540
69 600
70 540
71 480
72 420
73 360
74 300
75 240
76 180
77 120
78 60
79+ 1
Orange Roundhead Tree Orange Roundhead Tree
Location: Forest 3
LP: 9000
AT: 10-20 ×10
Minimum AGI: 200
Expected AGI: 231.03
Range: 80
Strength: Poison (Immune)
Weakness: none
LV: 69
EXP: 600
Gold ($): 400
Drops: Red Stone 6 (1%)
Species: Tree
Head: Roundhead
Attack: OrangeRoundheadTree Pellet
Head colour: #FE6532
Body colour: #666600
Movement: no movement


This enemy fires an arc of 10 pellets at characters. It usually appears in large groups, and the density of the pellet attacks from each enemy can mean a quick kill on the player's side. However, except in very few circumstances, these trees tend to spawn a decent distance away from characters, well out of range of their damaging attacks. Ranged characters have no issue in taking them down. That being said, if a ranged attacker isn't available, it's possible (though very difficult) to get in close and utilize the Dodge strategy to take them down. This is a less than optimal plan, however, given that the trees are usually in large, tight bunches, causing them all to usually attack the characters at once. A Gladiator with a weapon containing a Vampire's Card 4 and a Silver or Black Crystal of high level is very useful against the large groups, as the compo items make the Gladiator almost impossible to kill. Fire type weapons are best against this enemy, although an Area of Effect Freeze type weapon like the Magician's Freeze Explosion 6 can also be a major help.

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