experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Orange Skull Stickman
11- 1
12 20
13 40
14 60
15 80
16 100
17 120
18 140
19 160
20 180
21 200
22 180
23 160
24 140
25 120
26 100
27 80
28 60
29 40
30 20
31+ 1
Orange Skull Stickman Orange Skull Stickman
Location: Cavern 3
LP: 300
AT: 2-3 (Burn 8%) (=5)
Minimum AGI: 20
Expected AGI: 23.98
Range: 40
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 21
EXP: 200
Gold ($): 100
Drops: Explosion Whip 2 (5%)
Ruby 2 (1.67%)
Species: Stickman
Head: Skull
Attack: Fire Side
Head colour: #CB3200
Body colour: #CC9999
Movement: walking


This enemy does not pose such of a threat due to the fact that it is not present in most of the screens. Unfortunately, it is densely populated at the boss stage. They have a moderately ranged fire attack that can deal decent damage. Taking them out from a distance is key, especially in the boss area. Baiting several of them at once may also work. Ice and Freeze type weapon are a must against this enemy at the boss screen to prevent them from raining stackable fire at the characters. In the normal screens, using the terrain to the player's advantage is key to defeating them. In most cases, a melee with moderately-high LP can defeat it without much trouble, but sometimes ranged characters will be able to attack it without the character's projectiles hitting the terrain. On the boss screen, using Ice and Freeze type weapons are a must against the group of enemies to prevent such a heavy rain of fire aimed at all characters.

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