experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Orange Smiley Tree
3- 1
4 20
5 40
6 60
7 80
8 100
9 120
10 140
11 160
12 180
13 200
14 180
15 160
16 140
17 120
18 100
19 80
20 60
21 40
22 20
23+ 1
Orange Smiley Tree Orange Smiley Tree
Location: Grassland 5
LP: 250
AT: 1-2 (Burn 5%) (0.8s)
Minimum AGI: 20
Expected AGI: 23.98
Range: 80
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 13
EXP: 200
Gold ($): 70
Drops: Fire Arrow 1 (6.67%)
Species: Tree
Head: Smiley
Attack: Fire Side
Head colour: #ED9832
Body colour: #996633
Movement: no movement


This enemy is a much stronger version of the Green Smiley Tree, but instead of shooting ball projectiles, it shoots fire directly at characters. Like the Orange Fairy Bat, the fire only does miniscule damage, but the damage can pile up and cause serious trouble. It's attack range, however, is quite small, so it shouldn't be able to damage most ranged characters. Melees are not as recommended at taking this enemy down due to the firing rate unless slowed. A Sniper's Double Arrow 1 and/or a Gunner's newly found Rifle 1 can heavily damage it. Poison type weapons may also work. This is the first enemy in the game that uses a Fire type attack, as well as being the first enemy in the game that does not use a Physical type attack.

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