A single unit of an element in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 can be referred to as several different names, such as a particle, pixel, or most commonly, dot. Particles are the smallest units in both games. Particles are 1 sixteenth of a single block square (which is 4 dots wide and 4 dots tall). All of the elements in Powder Game are made of particles, which makes it possible for them to interact with each other.

Each particle of element has it own speed and position. All the different elements have their own set of rules known commonly as properties, such as when a particle of fire touches a particle of C-4 with start on, the C-4 explodes affecting all other adjacent C-4 particles. These sets of rules make the interactions between different particles possible.

Particle size to life size is undefined, and can be represented as an object visible to the naked eye or smaller, possibly larger, as particles are used to represent mountains and volcanoes, while they are considered molecular-level objects. The defined concept is that a particle compared to a fighter is considered an actual object compared to a human.