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Patterns are (usually simple) replicated designs on the online Dan-Ball game 100bit. These patterns are often expanded by several users over a period of time to fill a large portion of the screen, or even the entire screen (however, when a pattern covers the entire screen, it is referred to as a "reset"). The first pattern on 100bit was a Checker board pattern, often referred to as "The Sickness" by those who were editing by that time. Many different patterns have formed since then. Note that the term "pattern" does not include such designs as a city, and only repeating designs.

Examples of patterns

100bit Checker Board

A large Checker Board pattern at the top of the picture in the early times of 100bit.

  • Checker board.
    • These patterns often turn into black patters, because the screen often includes more white dots than black and can be easily converted.
  • Crosses.
  • Black (when this covers the entire screen, it is known as a "blackout").
  • White (when this covers the entire screen, it is known as a "whiteout").
  • Creeper Faces (these are a more rare pattern that often doesn't gain a fairly large size).
  • Sierpiński Carpet

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