experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Pink Big Triangle Walker
72- 1
73 90
74 180
75 270
76 360
77 450
78 540
79 630
80 720
81 810
82 900
83 810
84 720
85 630
86 540
87 450
88 360
89 270
90 180
91 90
92+ 1
Pink Big Triangle Walker Pink Big Triangle Walker
Location: Inferno 1
LP: 100000
AT: 10-20 ×50
Minimum AGI: 300
Expected AGI: 318.34
Range: 300
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 82
EXP: 900
Gold ($): 4000
Drops: Oct Poison 7 (20%)
Species: Walker
Head: Triangle
Attack: PinkBigTriangleWalkerSpear
Head colour: #FECBCB
Body colour: #993366
Movement: Walking


This enemy shoots a large amount of spears at characters. In addition, the spears home into them. Although they look Fire type based, its attack is Physical based. Silver Crystals and Priests with 50 DEX or more should be combined in order to raise defence to minimize the rapid damage taken from the spears. Alternately, a Black Crystal should nullify at least some of this damage taken. This enemy should be eliminated quickly, as stickmen may be stuck in one location while fighting the other enemies on screen, and will be quickly killed by the hail of spears. The use of status-inducing weapons, Freeze and Ice especially, should be a priority when taking down this behemoth of an enemy. Thunder type weapons should also be considered. The homing capabilities can also be exploited by either using a bait to absorb all the damage, which can be suicidal, or direct the spears away without getting hit.


  • Alongside its boss cousin, this enemy is tied with the largest amount of projectile attacks in the game, along with the Pyramid Boss.
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