experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Pink Boss Gel Spider
26- 1
27 300
28 600
29 900
30 1200
31 1500
32 1800
33 2100
34 2400
35 2700
36 3000
37 2700
38 2400
39 2100
40 1800
41 1500
42 1200
43 900
44 600
45 300
46+ 1
Pink Boss Gel Spider Pink Boss Gel Spider
Location: ???
LP: 10000
AT: 1-1 ×7
Minimum AGI: 10
Expected AGI: 18.86
Range: 200
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 36
EXP: 3000
Gold ($): 10
Drops: Quick's Card 3 (10%)
Guide's Card 3 (10%)
Knockback's Card 3 (10%)
Species: Spider
Head: Gel
Attack: Pink Boss Gel Spider Needle
Head colour: #CE00CE
Body colour: #CECFCE
Movement: walking


Although the damage of this boss is very low, it shoots out 7 needles at a very fast rate with a large range. Together with the mob of 99 Pink Gel Spiders, it can be a real pain. Fire type weapons, the Boxer's Freeze Knuckle 4, and/or an Explosion's Card will work well against this boss. It is also recommended to use a Vampire's Card and an ONIGIRI's Card. The Gunner's Laser Gun 2 equipped with a Guide's Card also works well in killing the mass amount of spiders. A Magician with a Big Icicle 4 equipped with a Diamond 3 and/or a Quick's Card with about 30 DEX can also freeze a large amount of spiders constantly. A Priest with a Staff of Flame 3 is also useful, as it can attack multiple enemies. A Fire Spirit or Thunder Spirit also helps when it activates.


  • This is the first boss in the game that is not resistant to Freeze. The second is the Pink Boss Coconut Germ.
  • This boss has the same gold drop as the regular enemies that appear in the level ???.
    • It also has the lowest gold drop out of all bosses in the game.
  • This is the only boss to drop 3 compo items that are all cards (Quick's Card 3, Guide's Card 3, and Knockback's Card 3).

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