experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Pink Gel Spider
23- 1
24 30
25 60
26 90
27 120
28 150
29 180
30 210
31 240
32 270
33 300
34 270
35 240
36 210
37 180
38 150
39 120
40 90
41 60
42 30
43+ 1
Pink Gel Spider Pink Gel Spider
Location: ???
LP: 1000
AT: 1-1
Minimum AGI: 10
Expected AGI: 18.86
Range: 20
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 33
EXP: 300
Gold ($): 10
Drops: Black Crystal 3 (2%)
Iron Medal 3 (0.5%)
Species: Spider
Head: Gel
Attack: Pink Gel Spider One Arrow
Head colour: #CE00CE
Body colour: #CECFCE
Movement: walking


This is the first Spider enemy introduced to players that find this stage. They are able to jump, have very high LP, and can appear in large groups, especially in the boss area. Bait strategy tactics work very well with these enemies. They have a very weak attack but it is very rapid, and in a large group, characters will quickly lose all their LP if nothing is done. A Boxer with a Freeze Knuckle 4 equipped with a Vampire's Card and an ONIGIRI's Card is effective in taking down large groups. A Magician with enough DEX can also use Big Icicle 4 equipped with a Quick's Card 3 and a Diamond 3 to stop the horde of spiders effectively. Fire type weapons will also make good work against this enemy in a large group. A Black Crystal can help lower the overall damage taken, but a Silver Crystal or the defensive aura of a Priest will not, as damage cannot be reduced to below 1.

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