experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Pink Gel Tree (S3)
15- 1
16 80
17 160
18 240
19 320
20 400
21 480
22 560
23 640
24 720
25 800
26 720
27 640
28 560
29 480
30 400
31 320
32 240
33 160
34 80
35+ 1
Pink Gel Tree (S3) Pink Gel Tree (S3)
Location: Seaside 3
LP: 800
AT: 4-6 (Burn 8%) ×3
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 81.03
Range: 150
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 25
EXP: 800
Gold ($): 150
Drops: Fire Knuckle 3 (10%)
Fire Sabel 3 (10%)
Double Fire 3 (10%)
Species: Tree
Head: Gel
Attack: Fire Side
Head colour: #FE00FE
Body colour: #CCCCCC
Movement: No Movement


This enemy is extremely dangerous due to its strong triple fire attack. It has a long range, which is about as long as the Triple Shot 1's range, and its attacks pierce through the terrain. This enemy is also considered more dangerous than the actual boss. The rough terrain of the level also makes it hard to attack it with a more powerful weapon, such as the Gunner's Bazooka 2. However, a Hit and Run strategy with a Sniper wielding a Poison Arrow 1 or Double Poison 2 equipped with a Peridot 2 or 3 may work well against them. Ice and Freeze type weapons do great against this enemy in order for melees to bring it down quicker. A Boxer with a Poison Knuckle 3 with a Peridot 2 or 3 also does very well against it. The outrange strategy does exceptionally well against this enemy, as well. The Bait strategy also works against them if there are no Cyan Gel Dragons nearby. This enemy's large amount of LP can also be a problem. Surprisingly, the fire attack used by this enemy is stronger and faster than the Submarine Shrine Boss's fire attack, but it only has half the range.


  • This was the first enemy to have its level, gold drop, and EXP upgraded. Before ver4.4, this enemy gave 600 EXP, dropped 120 Gold, and was LV 24.

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