This page is about players in Powder Game 2. For its Powder Game counterpart, visit Player (Powder Game).

Player is a controllable stickman in Powder Game 2. A maximum of 2 is allowed on screen, and are distinguished by their controlling methods and their head shape. Arrow keys are used to control Player 1, which has a square head and WASD keys are used to control Player 2, which has a circle head. Note that players can only move if a gravitational force exists.

The picture shows a player attempting to jump from a gas dot

The players are affected by both black holes and white holes. This means that, like elements, they can hang from black holes or on to the side of them. The controls are then relative to the direction of the player at that time. Going left (left arrow key or A) while a player is upside down will cause the player to go to the right, but to the player's left.

Players can only stay on top of non-liquids (except fan), lava and mercury. However, players have the ability to jump as long as a dot of element, a block, a ball or an end of a joint exists on its "feet".

Players can also be jointed at the "neck," or where the legs meet to any other jointable element.

Unlike the original Powder Game, players in Powder Game 2 can be dragged by any part of their body. Players using the ice power can be manipulated into different poses if the power is activated and they are dragged. It is possible to "detach" the players head by this method, but it will return to the players body when released.

Life Bar

Since ver4.0, a life bar is added to the players. When the player is damaged by lethal elements or fighters, their life is shown by its head. Green part shows the remaining life and red part shows the life lost. When the life bar is completely red, the player is killed.

Players can only be hurt if the lethal element is touching it's "feet," while the rest of the player can move harmlessly over anything. Fighters are the only objects that can interact with the upper part of the player, while "kicking" it.

Element/Object Frames to Kill Player
Fighter 6
Lava 12
Thunder 16
Laser 24
Acid 48
Fire 48
Torch 48
Spark 48


Since ver4.1, a player can receive attributes by touching the desired elements with their head or spawning them while the other click is assigned to an element. Players can use the attribute properties by pressing the Down(Player 1) or S(Player 2) on the keyboard.

Player Attribute Attribute Properties
Powder Shoots Powder.
Water Shoots Water.
Fire Shoots Fire.
Seed Shoots Seed.
Gunpowder Shoots Gunpowder.
Fan Produces Wind.
Ice Freezes the Player in position (Players can still move very slightly with up, right and left if standing on something or be dragged). While frozen the Ice attribute cannot be changed.
Snow Shoots Snow.
Superball Shoots Superball.
Fireworks Shoots Fireworks. Attribute of Fireworks depends on element selection when the player attribute is used.
Oil Shoots Oil.
Sand Shoots Sand.
Mud Shoots Mud.
Stone Shoots Stone.
Lava Shoots Lava.
Virus Shoots Virus.
Nitro Shoots Nitro to the back of the player, which explodes immediately and propels the player.
Ant Shoots Ant.
Gas Shoots Gas.
Soapy Shoots Soapy which may turn into bubble quickly.
Thunder Shoots Thunder that spreads vertically, unlike normal Thunder.
Bomb Shoots Bomb
Laser Shoots Laser.
Acid Shoots Acid.
Salt Shoots Salt
Seawater Shoots Seawater.
Bird Reduces the effect of gravitational force on the Player.
Fish Shoots Fish.
Mercury Shoots Mercury.
Spark Shoots Spark.
Cloud Shoots Cloud.


  • In ver8.3, the second player was unable to move via keyboard controls. This was fixed in ver8.4.

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