Player Home

Roncamp's most popular upload, "Modern Player Home".

A player house is a type of pixel art upload on Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that mimics a house by using non-reacting elements together, such as ice, C-4, block and wood. These uploads normally get a very high number of votes depending on their complexity, mainly due to the detailed nature of them.

Player houses are generally large enough for a player to comfortably walk through, although are not always fully accessible to the player. They often include expensive, uncommon luxury items inside the home, like an indoor pool. Some of the most famous uploaders of player houses are Kovax and Roncamp.

Player houses have generally started expanding to larger things, such as player offices, player hotels, player cruise ships, and player schools. Although most player houses are made to be playable, there are some which are made in a way that by pressing start, the elements used to construct the house would react in a way that would be damaging to the structure. These kinds of uploads are also a type that new players tend to make, though they are usually of poor quality and often have dangerous mixture of elements (i.e: Torch lamps and C-4 walls).

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