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I can help the team with: Magician, Sniper, Sniper and Sniper

The level guide

Opening street:No jump!You can get the weapons easy.

Grassland 1:Very no jump!Get a poison arrow if you would get more tips of this guide.

Grassland 2:No hard.You can get more weapons.On the boss,use your poison arrow.

Grassland 3:The boss is hard.You can get a jewel,to help the member of the team.

Grassland 4:Same of grassland 3,but is very hard(only grassland i have difficult).

Grassland 5:No jump!Get a fire arrow if you would get more tips of this guide.

Grassland 6:This level is pretty hard.The boss is very high LP but it lauch 3 pellets.

Grassland 7:This level is easy with a poison arrow.The boss are stonger.

Castle gate:Hard level... ...finish the level and... can face the castle boss.

Castle:This boss is an mega boss... of the only way to beat this boss is your poison arrow!

Seaside 1:Hard again... ..but easy with a shot!

Seaside 2:One of the hardest level, I can't help you.

Seaside 3:The return of easy level!Use your poison arrow!

Cavern 1:Very no jump!Get a double poison.

Cavern 2:This level is annoying because bat.The boss is a chalange.

Cavern 3:Heeeeeeeeeeee!This level is a very big chalange!

Forest 1:Not hard, but horror to boxer.

Forest 2:Heeeeee!Again horror to boxer, but now to other class because of boss.

Seaside 4:Is hard!The enemy are annoying!

Submarine 1:Is easy, exclude the boss that very hard!

Submarine 2:Is very easy if you attack with the Up Technical!

Submarine 3:Hard because the invisible enemies + invisble in black attack.


They is a stategie, but not for all.

Up Technical

Only can used on water, can attack all enemies in underwater stage.Attack on the over enemies!

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