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This will be the tutorial on how to create a really powerful gunner team.

There are 2 builds available in this guide, each only focusing on using Gunners and Priests.

Party Compositions and Builds

1 Gunner and 3 Priests

For this build, only put STR to everything, Gunner and Priests, to maximize their damage boost

This is one of the most torturing build in the early game because you will be constantly running low on gold and your damage will be poor. But with some patience, you will soon able to deal the most massive damage ever!

Note: This build may be able to deal highest damage but may not be the best overall damage. You can choose a team of 2 Gunners and 2 Priests below for a more practical team. If you want to see the detailed data on the team strength, See Alternate Party Composition below.

2 Gunners and 2 Priests

These are some of the benefits that this build have over the upper one

  • Easier in early game
  • Better overall damage
  • More stable team, one can die without hurting the team's power much
  • More effective because you can have 2 different Guns at a time

Both Priests = Pure STR

First Gunner = Pure STR

Second Gunner = Pure STR, pure DEX, or mixed.

See below on how you want to build you gunner like.

STR or DEX for Gunner?

STR and DEX gave your Gunner the same overall power


Pure STR = Slow but strong, cheapest way for a high power

Pure DEX = Weaker but faster, shot more often = better at mobbing, EXTREMELY expensive build!

Gunner can deal a very high damage per shot but that is sometime too high. There is a change that a good amount of damage will be wasted because your attack is much higher than the enemy's remaining LP. So adding DEX to decrease AGI is a good idea.

Because the DEX Gunner shot faster, therefore it is VERY EXPENSIVE. This is the reason why it's recommended that one gunner to be pure STR, or you won't survive in the early game.

For a Mixed Gunner, usually, you should put DEX only for some amount and then continue with STR forever.

Here's some amount of DEX you may want your gunner to have:

50 DEX = Shot twice at fast

100 DEX = Shot three times as fast

And the pattern continues...

In the end, you will need to stop investing SP into DEX because there is the lowest limit AGI (5-10), as we all know it.

Starting in the Early Game

Training at the first stages is not that hard anyway. You can use your first basic gun for this.

After a few level and few stages, things will get really difficult and will need a lot of patience. You should aim for the Handgun and Blue Stone (Both from Blue X Walker) The Blue Stone should help reduce your gunshot cost to one. Still, you should not change your basic gun to handgun permanently. Using 1$ rapidly may deplete your gold completely or make you unable to use the inn.

For a 2 Gunners team, try to use only the pure STR gunner to equip the stronger gun in the early game. The DEX gunner is very expensive and hard for you to handle at this point.

You may also choose to aim for Submachine-gun for something more powerful. But it's STRONGLY not recommend to use this in your game, use it only with a boss for a quick kill.

Don't go for a Shotgun unless you really have lots of gold! it will cost you a deadly 15$ per shot. At this time you don't have a good Blue Stone and Black Stone yet so don't use it.

The next gun that is strongly recommended is the Rifle from Green Smiley Tree at Grassland 5 because you will need it to outrange some bosses before you gain access to other stage (and Guns, yeah). It's also recommended using both Blue Stone and Black Stone to minimize the cost for gunshots

If you've trouble reaching Grassland 5, here's a few tactics:

  1. Do the boss rush! It is not necessary to pass through hard stages first to injure yourself and then let the boss finish you.
  2. Save lots of money and use expensive (as well as powerful) gun!
  3. Don't worry about the priest! They are not really a support at this time. Only help your gunner survive and finish the boss.

Once you've got Rifle, you should now be able to inflict a considerable damage now and should be able to kill a castle boss with it. If you want to level up a bit and find some gold, Forest 1, Forest 2, and Castle Gate is a good stages for this. Around this time you should also have enough gold to shot expensive gun and enough power to kill strong enemies. You may also go for Beretta dropped by Cyan Roundhead Walker (Seaside 1) due to its low shot cost and good damage. After this you can use it to spearhead few next stages until you get to find a better gun

Wait! The Seaside 1 boss is a pain!

Here is how to beat it:

Go to Cavern 1 and hunt the boss (White Boss Smiley Walker) for Catapult's Card 2

Use the card with your rifle, this way you can outrange the Seaside 1 boss and kill it (take some time, anyway)

The Fun, Late Game

From now things will not be really hard anymore.

To make the priest be the maximum AT support, compo your priest's staff with the best Red Stone and Black Stone that you can find. Both of them adds STR and will boost a massive firepower in late levels. If you want to be add some defense, you may also replace Black Stone with Green Stone. Also make sure that the range of your priests reach the gunner so that the aura can have effect. You can use a staves with long range to improve the range of the aura.

Having another set of weapon with Medal is a good idea so you can use them separately for hunting items or leveling.

Here are some good guns with their composition:

Remington 3 with Bullet's Card 3 and Critical's Card 3

Pros: Good close-combat and mobber, usable at most situation

Cons: Short range, damage frequently swings

A gun is an all-rounder. It's average damage is good and it's relatively short range make more bullets hit the enemy. Average in both bossing and mobbing.

Remington Kills 3 Crop

Sniper Rifle 3 with Yellow Crystal and Critical's Card 3

Pros: High single damage, long range

Cons: Bad mobber, high AGI

After Cannon was implemented, it kicked Rifle down to 2nd as the highest single damage dealer. Compared to many other guns listed below, this gun have a poor overall damage. The thing that make this gun good enough is its range. If there happen to be some super-overpowered boss that you can't confront it directly, use this (or maybe with Catapult's Card) to outrange them.

1HKO castle boss

Grenade Launcher 4 with Ruby 3 and Garnet 3

Pros: Good close-combat, good mobber, powerful

Cons: Bad range, the fire is not good with flying or swimming enemies

This is a useful gun, acting like a melee weapon. The fire from the bullet's collision can deal a very good, rapid damage and the fire burns everything that came into contact with it. The only thing that you need to beware is that this gun creates fire on the ground, don't use it with a flying or swimming enemies.

Note: Because STR of the Gunner don't effect the fire damage, but DEX do have effect, the DEX gunner's damage are much more superior when using this gun.

Laser Beam Gun 4 with Guide's Card 3 and Critical's Card 3

Pros: Extremely damaging in mobbing enemies. The bullet penetrate for a very long time and is homing if added a Guide's Card.

Cons: Bad close-combat, the gunner can't fire properly with enemies near him, poor single damage

This gun can cause annihilation when used properly. Stages with flat or relatively smooth terrain can make sure that the beam will not lose its path easily. The numbers of enemies doesn't matter, only make sure that your gunner have some distance between the closest enemy. Having another gunner with Grenade Launcher is a good way to clear away closing enemies.

Laser Madness Crop

Cannon 4 with Yellow Crystal and Critical's Card 3

Pros: The true ultimate power...

Cons: exchange for low range, high cost, and a huge AGI

The bad part make this gun not really effective in many situations. Although this weapon can deal one of the highest damage in the game, the high AGI greatly pulls down its overall damage. Its short range also makes the Gunner more vulnerable to attacks, meaning that you need to move him quite often to avoid the enemies' attack.

7225 Crop

Homing Laser Beam 4

Ideal Compo: Topaz and Bullet's Card or Critical's Card

Pros: Reliable damage, accurate because of it's homing ability, range is quite high

Cons: Not really specialized in anything

This gun in one of the most accurate gun because of it's homing ability. However, most of the gun are already accurate and rarely miss. Other than that, this gun is not really specialized for anything, so there is unlikely time that this gun can be the best in the situation. You may see that there's a Bullet's Card or Critical's Card there for another compo slot. Bullet's Card add more power in term of calculation but it increases the spreading of the bullets, making more bullets hit the ground and disappear. You may go for Critical's Card for less power but less bullets wasted.

3-Round Burst 5

Ideal Compo: Bullet's Card and Critical's Card for damage or Blue Stone at least level 2 for less shooting cost.

Pros: A very powerful build

Cons: VERY costly without a Blue Stone

MUCH more powerful than the Cannon and MUCH more costly than it.

Missile 5

Ideal Compo: Yellow Crystal and Critical's Card

Pros: Can destroy certain bosses in 1 HIT upon critical activation

Cons: Has the highest AGI of all weapons and costs $100 per shot

With STR priests, it can destroy EVERY ENEMY except for the Pyramid Boss in 1 hit. However, it has a huge AGI: 160-180, and costs $100 per shot. However, normally guns have 50 or 60 range, whilst this one has 80 range.

Mini Uzi 5

Ideal Compo: Bullet's Card and Critical's Card

Pros: Can deal THOUSANDS of damage per second if built on pure STR

Cons: Can cost HUNDREDS of cash per second as well

The most powerful build of all, however it is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.

If your team has 2 Gunners, try using a different guns for each gunner. Their efficacy at different situations could combine and make a your team very effective.

Stats and Update

Guide Update at Stick Ranger v.7.8

This picture below is showing a level 53 gunner equipping the Sniper Rifle

Look how much the AT increases per 1 SP invested in STR. This way the attack of this class can far overpower other classes' AT and it will continue to increase higher.

Stat LV 53

Alternate Party Composition

After some calculations with the party composition has been done, the result is that the 2 Priests and 2 Gunner team could deal the more overall damage in later level than only one Gunner (although not the maximum damage)

Here are the gunner with the Cannon mentioned above with (from left to right) three, two, one, and no priest support

Gunner and Priest support

According to the picture

The 1 Gunner and 3 Priests team ATK = 1706-2559

The 2 Gunners and 2 Priests team ATK = 2504-3706 (It's the second Gunner*2 because there's two Gunners)

The 3 Gunners and 1 Priest team ATK = 2394-3591

The 4 Gunners team ATK = 1376-2064

So here is a really bugging situation, according to the Light's Gunner Database, the equations accurately show that 3 Gunners and 1 Priests wins. But here's the 2 Gunners and 2 Priests team's outpower the 3 Gunners and 1 Priest team.

The Solution:

It's because the higher STR that the higher level has.

Here is the base attack equation that gives a surprising result (all credit on how to do this equation go to the Light's Gunner Database)

Level 53

The Gunners have 104 STR and the Priests have 104 STR, Gun Average ATK = 70
4 Gunner
4(70+(.02(104)*70)) = 862.4
3 Gunners 1 Priest
3(70+(.02(104)*70))+[3(70+(.02(104)*70))*.01(104)] = 1319.472

2 Gunners 2 Priest
2(70+(.02(104)*70))+2[2(70+(.02(104)*70))*.01(104)] = 1328.096
1 Gunners 3 Priest
1(70+(.02(104)*70))+3[1(70+(.02(104)*70))*.01(104)] = 888.272

The highest power goes to the 2/2 team.

Here's the new equation, changing the priest STR to a current STR

The Gunners have 104 STR and the Priests have 132 STR, Gun Average ATK = 70
4 Gunner
4(70+(.02(104)*70)) = 862.4
3 Gunners 1 Priest
3(70+(.02(104)*70))+[3(70+(.02(104)*70))*.01(132)] = 1500.576
2 Gunners 2 Priest
2(70+(.02(104)*70))+2[2(70+(.02(104)*70))*.01(132)] = 1569.568
1 Gunners 3 Priest
1(70+(.02(104)*70))+3[1(70+(.02(104)*70))*.01(132)] = 1069.376

This can tell that STR have a large impact on damage, making 2/2 team the most powerful.

Another things that was uncovered by accident is that the 3/1 team and 2/2 team will have the same power (900) if both of them have 100 STR. After that the 2/2 team will go above.