Special properties
Absorbs liquids and some gases.

Pump is a solid element in Powder Game.


  • Absorbs liquids, and the element gas. Pump can become charged with these elements in a reaction similar to that of the reaction of thunder and metal.
  • Like thunder-charged metal, pump will only release its held substance if said substance flows through a pen-s 0 line of pump. Anything thicker, and the substance will hit the end of the pump and loop back around.
  • Unlike thunder-charged metal, if an element inside pump reaches a two-way split facing downwards in the pump, it will randomly move down one end.
  • If two dots of the same element collide while inside pump, they will become one until exiting the pump, where it then separates to it's original amount.
  • When an element exits pump, it is released one dot away from the pump dot to prevent it from instantly re-entering the pump.
    • If another element is obstructing this dot, the element within the pump will simply hit the dead-end and disappear.
  • When hit by bomb, the shrapnel turns into spark; and if the pump line is broken through by bomb, the flowing liquid will flow out from the broken part in mass amounts.
  • When ant hits pump, the ant creates patterns like it does with C-4, ice, glass, fuse, vine, wood, and metal.
  • When cloud or snow are absorbed by pump, it transforms into water instantly.
  • Pump obstructs thunder and laser.
  • When a liquid is absorbed, it loses its properties until it flows out (e.g. magma in pump will not burn any objects).

Reactions with objects

  • When clone ball hits it, the clone ball clones it like it would with metal and other solids.
  • When a wheel is turning and comes in contact with it, the pump turns into spark.


  • To absorb and remove liquids/gas.
  • To transport liquids/gas
  • To act as a barrier for liquids.
  • Pump courses.


  • When Pump was first implemented, it was misnamed as "Pomp". This was immediately fixed.

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