experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Pyramid Boss
40- 1
41 600
42 1200
43 1800
44 2400
45 3000
46 3600
47 4200
48 4800
49 5400
50 6000
51 5400
52 4800
53 4200
54 3600
55 3000
56 2400
57 1800
58 1200
59 600
60+ 1
Pyramid Boss Pyramid Boss
Location: Pyramid
LP: 80000
AT: Cloud: 6-6 (Burn 5%) ×50
Spear and Cloud Residue: 1-1 (1.32s) (=66)
Minimum AGI: Heat: 150
Spear: 75
Expected AGI: Heat: 158.86
Spear: 93.34
Range: Heat: 60
Spear: 500
Strength: Freeze (Time -90%)
Weakness: none
LV: 50
EXP: 6000
Gold ($): 3000
Drops: Vampire's Card 4 (20%)
Zombie's Card 4 (5%)
Species: Zombie
Head: Box
Attack: PyramidBossHeat
Pyramid Boss ArrowPyramid Boss Poison
Head colour: #423A32
Body colour: #443322
Movement: walking


This boss has immense LP and two attacks, like the Castle Boss and Submarine Shrine Boss: a heat cloud attack that can deal immense damage if all the projectiles hit but has a short range, and a Spear attack which has a range of nearly the entire screen (making the Outrange strategy completely useless), poisons characters and leaves poisonous cloud residue. It's probably best to use the Dodge strategy with a Sniper using a Triple Poison 4 or melee classes that deals high damage in a short time. Even when using melee characters, the boss still uses poison Spear attack at close range, and if the fire attack is used, move away quickly, or the melee character can be killed. Ice weapons, such as Magician's Ice Meteor 4, help on reducing the frequency of the attacks. The bait strategy is also possible for taking this boss down, but the boss can still approach the attacker. When using the bait strategy, try to keep the bait very close to the boss. This should make the boss use mostly its fire attack, which can be easily dodged. Putting the bait on the ceiling also causes the poison spears to crash on the ceiling and helps reduce damage taken. A STR Gunner with the Missile 5 equipped with the Critical's Card and Yellow Crystal may also help by taking a considerable amount of LP from the boss at the beginning, although one should put this character directly under the boss after it attacks so the Gunner doesn't take damage and the missile doesn't hit the ceiling.