A random map is a contraption in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that randomly generates a pattern similar to a map. It can be used as decoration or standalone in an upload (Examples of standalone random maps include Earth generator by woross, My GPS system by Nebax, and Planet Earth by Buddah).

This concept was first used as a pixel art, in which a user made a checkerboard where one set of squares contained virus and the other containing the colors intended to be used in the picture. When the virus completes its infection, the squares once covered in virus became an odd mix of surrounding colors, giving the completed image an odd look.

These maps are simple and almost always use two elements that will not become distorted by each other (Ex. Seed and Ice). The more basic maps often end up in more linear formations, but this can be avoided by placing virus in many areas around the map. Random maps are often found in many multi-uploads.

Another way to produce random maps with even more elements is by using a large "block" of virus, clearing small pen-size 1 squares, and filling the free spaces with several different not interacting elements such as powder, seed, ice, salt, metal and superball. This way, more colorful random maps with a greater variety can be generated.

Random maps also often include a legend, stating that certain elements represent certain land features, such as vine being forest, metal being cities, and powder being desert.

Many of these maps may fail, as a leftover dot of Virus may cause another infection immediately after the "map" is generated, leaving only the element that the virus has last touched.

How to

  • First, draw a large circle or square of block.
  • Next, draw a line of virus through the middle of the shape. (For more complex maps, place the virus in more complex positions while still touching most or all of the elements)
  • Use two or more non reacting powder or solid elements to create several lines of the selected elements (make sure the entire space is filled) as shown in the picture.
  • Press start, and the virus should infect the elements and create the map.

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